BLAIR is a brand that produces a range of hair care products led by celebrity influencer, Betty Rahmad. The products that we produce are made from high quality ingredients and are believed to be effective in solving common hair problems, especially hair loss dryness and dull hair. Our product is guaranteed safe and is certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.


I was born with healthy and thick hair. Thus, hair care is my main priority. Beautiful hair boosts up my self-confidence. From the beginning, I have been very concerned about hair care, including traditional care, which is to use coconut-based ingredients. I have always wanted to produce hair care products, but at that time I did not have any hair problems. It wasn’t in my thoughts until after I gave birth to my first child that I began to experience severe hair loss. From that moment on, it’s been my next priority to produce hair care products that could solve all my hair problems.


To produce an effective product, I mainly use ingredients that are based on traditional ingredients such as coconut essence that provide benefits for healthy hair. After several R&D processes and applying these products on my hair, I found it was very effective and able to restore the thickness of my hair. I started sharing the effectiveness of my product with many women and mothers which resulted in them requesting me to share the products with them. With the positive results, I have produced these two products, namely Anti Hair loss Spray and Glossing Serum, that helps women who have the same hair problem as me.